The techniques used by stars to promote YouTube videos

How to increase subscribers on YouTube with the strategies used by the pros

Getting so many visits and subscribers on YouTube is the dream of all those who are active on this platform and who would like to use this tool to promote their work. Whether it’s a virtual or physical business, it doesn’t matter; through YouTube you can promote your business in an excellent way, as long as you use effective techniques and that there is consistency in your promotion work.

A concrete example of the success that can be achieved through this form of promotion are the channels of many national and international artists who use the platform to communicate with their fans and promote their activities.

Behind these artists, there are often a staff of people prepared to define strategies and tricks to attract more visitors. But this does not mean that these techniques are not replicable; indeed, with patience, perseverance, and willpower, you can get great results.

Let’s see together how to increase both the video views and subscribers to your own YouTube channel, taking inspiration from the techniques used by these stars.

1) Creating a link with users

It is still a deep-rooted misconception that it is enough to publish well made videos in HD and with an ideal duration in order to obtain numerous views and emerge on YouTube. It’s true that well done videos are displayed more, but this is only 10% of the work that needs to be done to get great results.

You have to be able to involve the users and create the so-called “engagement” with the people you are addressing. This is one of the aspects that are taken care of by the artists; that is, establishing a relationship with their fans who appreciate the involvement and are interested in any content published by their idol, including monologues that can last an hour or drafts still in the development phase.

Involving users, communicating with them through a YouTube channel, is therefore one of the strategies used by artists to increase visits and subscriptions to their channels.

For example, those who have an e-commerce store for boats are interested in having boating enthusiasts watch their videos in which they probably try to present and promote the products they sell in their store. They publish useful tutorials for those who are looking to assemble equipment for boats and promote their brand or business.

Creating quality and useful content for a given niche of users is a great way to create an audience willing to follow the proposed channel and increase visits on YouTube.

2) Take care of every aspect and provide contact links

If you look at an artist’s channel you can see that every page and every detail is taken care of, starting from the home page. It contains useful information about the artist and a list of contacts and explanatory images that transmit in a concise but efficient message, allowing users to understand who they are dealing with.

So, going back to the previous example, those who sell parts for boats in addition to creating an efficient and direct presentation in the information section can also add links that direct the user to the pages of their business that they want to promote more. In the case of a singer, it can be the page where he/she promotes a concert, while for a trader it can be a particular product or a page where there are monthly promotions, etc..

3) Start immediately with many views

Generally, YouTube awards videos that get about 100,000 views within the first three days, often suggesting them.

100,000 views are a lot for a private individual and it is true that, for example, unlike a famous singer, a private individual who deals with the sale of products for boats does not have the same popularity as a star. However, drawing inspiration from the techniques of the artists, you can learn how to use some strategies before publishing the video on YouTube and obtain excellent results.

Generally, a singer announces the release of a new single well in advance, using the media and any method of communication to announce the release of his/her next single. It’s clear that you don’t have access to the same media, but this strategy used by artists can be applied the same even ” in a small way”, by sharing the preview video on all channels, learning how to use trueview advertising or using services like those offered by us at Veedoo in promoting your video content.

In this way, the video is broadcast on the internet thanks to the shares on social media and even if they seem infinite, it is not impossible to reach 100,000 visits within three days. If this goal is reached, we can say that success is assured, as the video will become viral thanks to the free promotion offered by YouTube.

4) Use appropriate keywords

The description of the video is another point that must be taken care of; you must choose the appropriate keywords to ensure that the video is found. You must also take into account what you want to transmit and where you want to direct the user when you choose the terms to use. It is advisable to use call to actions in order to track the actions of users and verify the effectiveness of the promotion that you are performing.

These are the most common and effective strategies used by artists to promote themselves on YouTube. They can be applied by anyone who wants to take advantage of this powerful and free tool which can help to strengthen brand awareness and help anyone to find potential customers.

Moreover, to familiarize yourself with these techniques, you just need to visit the YouTube channel of some artists who record millions of visits and analyze the way in which the channel is structured, the communication used, and the contents of the videos.

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