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The texts, information, and other data published on this site as well as links to other sites on the web are for information purposes only and do not assume any official character.

Veedoo Business Partnership referred to in veedoo.it assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions of any kind or for any type of direct, indirect or incidental damage resulting from reading or using the information published, any form of content on the site or for access to or use of the material contained in other sites. The linked sites are not controlled by Veedoo Business Partnership, and therefore, is not and cannot in any way be held responsible, for any reason, cause or title, for the content of such linked sites or the addresses of links.

The Customer retains full ownership of the data used and published in the execution of the service, assuming all responsibility for their content, with express exoneration of Veedoo.it from any responsibility and burden of verification and / or control.

The Customer uses the services at his/her own risk. Veedoo Business Partnership referred to in veedoo.it is not liable to any party for civil, criminal or administrative legal disputes, indirect, specific, incidental, punitive, causal or consequential damages (including but not limited to: damages in case of inability to use or access the services, loss or corruption of data, profits, customers, business interruption or the like), caused by the use or inability to use the services.

Veedoo Business Partnership referred to in veedoo.it is not responsible for:

– disapproval of the content by Google.inc as a result of compulsory checks before the approval of the advertising campaign.

– the waiting times for the control of video content before approval; the control times by Google.inc are specified in 48 hours and beyond where it is considered appropriate to carry out a more thorough control.

– The following are examples of the reasons for this: service malfunction, data loss, accidental disclosure of personal or sensitive data, and any other type of damage that may have occurred as a result of attacks by cyber criminals, thieves, hackers, crackers, viruses, etc.

– disruptions, service interruptions and/or damages due to external events such as accidents, fires, explosions, etc;

– malfunction of the services due to non-conformity and/or obsolescence of the equipment with which the Customer or third parties are equipped with.

General rules and definitions

By using the services connected to the site www.veedoo.it (hereinafter referred to as “the services” or “the service”), the user is required to comply with the conditions and terms of use specified below. These conditions concern Veedoo Business Partnership owner of the site www.veedoo.it and operator of the contents of the site as well as its services.

Veedoo Business Partnership reserves the right to modify, add, or delete parts of these conditions, bringing them to the attention of those concerned through the publication of the changes on the site or by e-mail. Each user is required to periodically check these conditions to ascertain any changes made since the last consultation of the site. In any case, the use of the site and its services imply the acceptance of the changes made in the meantime.

If the changes are not accepted, the user may decide not to continue with the use of the services, with understanding that the continuation of the use of services implies the acceptance of the new conditions.

Veedoo Business Partnership reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt even partially the services, including the accessibility of the contents. Veedoo Business Partnership may also introduce restrictions on access or services, in whole or in part, without notice and without assuming liability for such a service restriction.


On veedoo.it you can only pay via paypal (www.paypal.com), which allows the use of prepaid, debit, credit and e-mail cards to purchase services offered on veedoo.it.

All transactions and data entered are handled directly by paypal.com. Veedoo.it does not process payments, does not receive any data related to the payment method used, but receives the amount paid after paypal.com has accepted and checked that the payment method is suitable and covered.

If after the payment through paypal.com is sent you do not receive notification of the transaction performed, which is essential for the successful completion of the payment, just call the toll-free paypal number for assistance: 800 975 345. They can give you the specific numbers of the card used for the payment in order to track the payment.

Veedoo.it is not responsible in any way for any kind of malfunction once you access paypal.com during payment; any problem found on paypal is the responsibility of paypal. Veedoo.it is not directly responsible for the management of the paypal page used for payment.

Special Conditions of Service (Commercial Offer)

The Terms of Use (more briefly “Commercial Offer”) contain the technical specifications of the product/service offered by veedoo.it as well as information on the terms and conditions of performance of the services covered by the contract. In particular, they are indicated in the Commercial Offer and vary according to the type of Offer itself:

– time and method of delivery of the product/service;

– amount of the consideration and times, methods and conditions of payment;

– duration of the service;

– times, conditions and methods of withdrawal.

Conclusion of the Service

The service will be considered concluded between the parties upon receipt by the customer of the report closing the campaign.

Modification of the Commercial Offer

If the Customer’s requests entail changes in the characteristics of the Commercial Offer (for example, in terms of requests for changes or customization of the targeting settings), veedoo.it will formulate an Offer that will replace the previous one following acceptance by the Customer. In the event of non-acceptance of the new Offer, the Customer shall be required to accept the activities provided by the service and to pay the corresponding fee according to the agreed terms and conditions.

Campaign Management

The term “website” means www.veedoo.it, which includes all the services and contents offered by Veedoo Business Partnership on www.veedoo.it only.

The user is the visitor of the site and the user of the services provided by the site.

The following services are available within the site: Purchases of AdWords video advertising campaigns (now Google Ads).

The publication and management of the campaign is fully managed by Veedoo.it

Personalized Targeting

Veedoo offers a personalized video marketing service. Each customer can select a series of specifications when ordering to target the content. Each video is promoted according to the targeting selections closest to the conversion or branding needs.

Targeting specifically:

  1. Country
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Interest

Video Links: for each promotional campaign, aimed at a commercial content to promote a particular product and / or company, Veedoo offers the possibility to include a personalized link to the video in question for promotion.

Each link must be inherent to the product and / or company.

In the case of promotion of strictly musical content, this option is not applicable since it limits the number of video interactions negatively affecting the growth of the channel while shifting the user’s attention to platforms outside of YouTube.

Content Control and Approval

Important: Veedoo.it only supports and guarantees the promotion of content that complies with YouTube standards.

Google always checks the video content included in campaigns to determine their compatibility with its internal rules. The time required for this operation is about 24-48 hours, it may take a little more time; this verification does not depend on the veedoo.it team.

Once the compatibility with the promotional circuit AdWords (now Google Ads) is confirmed, the video will be published on a promotional network and will begin to acquire views in a short time.

Method of Delivery

The standard programming of the campaign is intended to spread over a time that is calculated as a percentage of the number of views that you want to achieve.

The views will be spread in a reasonable time; about 10,000 views may take from approximately 6 days to about 14-16 days. These numbers are not manageable in detail; in fact the Google Ads platform does not allow you to set the limits of the campaign in views. Due to a matter of campaign management costs, delivery times cannot be extended beyond the above estimate, but they can be evaluated under anticipated request to be in line with customer needs, but veedoo.it is not obliged to respect any request.

Interactions and Conversions

Interactions with the video or conversions of any kind cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances by anyone who writes on behalf of veedoo.it. The greatest opportunities for conversion are determined by multiple factors not manageable by veedoo.it.

The operation of a campaign on YouTube is regarded as the operation of a television commercial. The objective is to reach as many potentially interested users as possible.

Unlike a TV commercial, a YouTube commercial has the possibility of reaching an enormous pool of users potentially more in line with its offer, thanks to focused targeting.

Google Ads and YouTube: Counting of Views

Although part of the same company, one section is independent from the other; this involves different methods for counting views provided during promotion. Google Ads does not guarantee the assignment of the views provided in the Promotional Campaign, so there may be discrepancies between the number of views received and those provided by the Promotional Campaign. This discrepancy is usually limited, but in some rare cases, it could reach up to 10% of the difference between the number of views received and the number of views allocated.

Veedoo.it is not responsible for this problem and assumes no responsibility as the delivery service is managed by Google and the video counting system is managed by YouTube, this information on the count is not in our possession and we cannot manage it directly.

We guarantee that by demonstrating that the delivery of the campaign was made exclusively through Google Ads/AdWords and exceeded the agreed goal.

On our part, we will strive to find a solution with Google for the resolution of the problem if it is shown, and as part of the normal delivery to give the customer a percentage (%) in addition to the views ordered to overcome or minimize the problems of discrepancy mentioned above.

Unsuitable Content on Google Ads

(If you disapprove of the campaign, read our policy on refunds below)

  1. Contemptuous or dangerous content, containing various drugs, tobacco and/or easyjoint, alcohol, incitement to hatred, offensive gestures and the use of the MIDDLE FINGER, contents of discrimination and denigration, harassment, intimidation or bullying, threats or incitement to violence, violent language, vulgar, horrific images or reports of physical trauma, body fluids or excrement, BLASPHEMY OR SWEARING, insults related to race or sexuality, blasphemous language, which suggest that you may be in danger, infected by an infectious disease or victim of a plot, cruelty to animals, exploitation of a tragic event without any obvious benefit to the victims.

Guarantees and Reimbursement

1) Veedoo.it guarantees full reimbursement in the following cases:

1.1 Request to block the campaign only if the campaign has not yet been approved by Google Ads. The request must be made expressly by the e-mail used when ordering.

1.2 If the video campaign is not approved by Google Ads, making it impossible to promote the video; it is also valid for additional videos (from the second video onwards) of the VEVO channels opened with veedoo.it.

1.3 After the payment of a fee for the opening of the VEVO channel, it is possible to request for cancellation and reimbursement only within 24 hours after the payment; after this period, it will no longer be possible to request a refund and the registration and opening of the VEVO channel will be completed.

2) Veedoo.it guarantees partial reimbursement in the following cases:

2.1 If the advertising campaign is blocked after being approved by Google Ads, (providing part of the views required). Veedoo.it undertakes to reimburse the (%) percentage of money, equal to the ratio between cost and number of missing views.

2.2 If the user has an approved campaign in progress, and requests the blocking of the same during the service. Veedoo.it undertakes to reimburse the (%) percentage of money, equal to the ratio between cost and number of missing views.

* Example: if the cost paid for 2000 views is $40 USD, and the campaign is blocked after delivering 1000 views, we will refund 50% of the cost paid which would be $20 USD, because the sum of views missing equals 50% of the cost paid.

3) Veedoo.it does NOT guarantee reimbursement in the following cases:

3.1 At the end of the campaign, thus at the end of the service, it will not be possible to request any refund; we will use Google’s statistics to demonstrate the actual provision of the service, which can be demonstrated.

3.2 Veedoo.it does not guarantee reimbursement in case of a ban of the video, as it is not possible to prove that you have not made simultaneous use of bots / third-party services / fake views, or all those illegal practices not suitable for use on YouTube; we deter anyone from using illegal services to falsely alter their numbers on YouTube.

  1. In the case of promotions of views offered in the opening packages of the VEVO channel, no refund is guaranteed if the campaign is not approved by Google. But, we guarantee that the promotional package can be moved to another video in the VEVO channel opened with veedoo, if there should be no video to promote. It can be used on one of the new videos uploaded after the opening of the VEVO channel; the maximum duration of validity for the use of the promo coupon included in the VEVO package is 6 months from the time of payment for the opening of the channel.


  • It is guaranteed and demonstrable that the traffic generated by our service is only and exclusively from advertising on YouTube’s platform and its official partners.
  • The origin of the traffic can also be viewed directly in the statistics of the YouTube video itself, directly using your credentials to access the channel; the statistics are updated 3-5 days after the date concerned.
  • Veedoo does not have such specifications for access to your content; such statistical content cannot be changed or altered in any way.
  • It guarantees that the risk of BAN or penalty is impossible, therefore we invite all users of our service not to interfere with the campaign in progress by purchasing artificial services of supply, such as comments, subscriptions, etc.. For partners: adopt an information campaign towards third parties, if the services listed on Veedoo.it are resold to third parties.

Time to Initiate and Receive Reimbursement

The refund procedure is initiated within 48 hours of notification by email from veedoo.it.

Refunds paid to registered paypal accounts may receive the refund amount immediately.

Refunds to prepaid, credit or debit cards require different timescales governed by applicable laws and the terms and conditions of your credit institution.

Risks and Offences

The product offered is not a service that uses automated means, exchange of likes, bots or software that circumvent the YouTube system with the sole purpose of increasing the number of views, like comments and / or subscribers.

Note: These illicit services have no promotional purpose, they also expose customers and content to a very high risk of video BAN.

BANING of videos is a serious matter for YouTube and involves the loss of monetization and a “bad reputation” of the channel, limitations of the channel, and in some cases the definitive closure of the channel.

The Practical Part

Here are the practical steps to be taken when a partner closes the sale:**

  • Enter the veedoo.it page
  • Enter all the details required for the success of the order
  • Complete the payment
  • Wait for order confirmation by e-mail (also check your spam/undesired folder)
  • Wait for our confirmation of campaign activation (also check in the spam/undesired folder)
  • Wait for reports to be received at the end of the campaign (also check the spam/undesired folder)

** Each promotional campaign is created according to the request specifications entered in the order and confirmed.

Applicable Law and Competent Court

The Contract is governed by Thai law. All disputes relating to the service, including those relating to its existence, validity, effectiveness, interpretation, execution and resolution, shall be settled exclusively by the Thai authorities.