Guide to Reports

Guide to reports of sponsored campaigns on YouTube


In this mini guide we explain in detail what happens immediately after your order and what data is included in the various reports.

  • • As soon as we receive your order confirmation, we will contact you via an email summary containing the targeting details, link and name of the video (to verify the exact correspondence*). In addition to the title, the statistics visible on the video being promoted such as: number of views of departure, number of likes, etc. will be reported accurately. The purpose of this first step is to communicate the successful taking in charge and uploading of the promotion on YouTube, while carrying out a double check, (it may happen that you insert the link to the wrong video), allowing you in case of error to provide us with the correct link again.
  • * If the name does not match that of the video, the promotion will not start and you will be contacted immediately.

  • Once the advertising campaign has been uploaded, we will await approval from Google, which assesses the compatibility of the video content with the YouTube guidelines. All videos are approved in a maximum of 2 working days, although we usually never exceed 24 hours.**
    All orders received during the weekend and holidays will be processed on the next working day.

Tutti gli ordini ricevuti durante il weekend e festivi verranno processati nel primo giorno lavorativo utile – successivo.

** If explicitly requested, we can send you an approval confirmation notice.

  • To complete the promotion, you will receive an email summary called “end of campaign” where we will make visible, through the screen image of AdWords, the number of users reached and the number of views “delivered”. All data can be verified by accessing the statistics of your video and / or channel, under “traffic sources”.ouTube”.

The views from the work done by Veedoo are always mentioned as: “Advertising on YouTube”.

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