How much you can earn with YouTube

Earning with YouTube: how the partnership works, how earnings are calculated, and other useful information

When we talk about YouTube, we are referring to one of the most used search engines in the world and there are many people who, thanks to this platform, also earn a lot of money.

It’s well known that you can earn money on YouTube, but not everyone knows how to proceed and if it’s worth it. This guide will provide answers to all the questions that revolve around the monetization of videos on YouTube.

What are YouTubers able to earn?

It’s mostly the advertisements that make YouTubers money, so the more the uploaded videos are displayed the more you can earn. But in order for these earnings to be generated, it is necessary to activate monetization on the channel that you have. This is an action that can be performed in two ways: by applying for official partnership to YouTube who will collect money from various sponsors and make a payment to the owner of the channel based on the views of the videos, or you can turn to the networks of third parties that act as a link between the platform and those who create the videos.

How are fees for YouTubers calculated?

The criterion which YouTube uses to calculate the compensation due to a YouTuber is the CPM, i.e. the cost per thousand impressions that the sponsor has to pay to YouTube so that their ads are displayed every thousand videos.

As for the compensation you receive, we point out that there is no fixed amount as it depends on several factors, but the average is generally about 7 Euros gross for every 1000 views.

Who can request monetization of their YouTube channel?

On the web, you’ll often read wrong information about this aspect and there are those who say that you just need to publish any video to ask for monetization. In reality, the platform has some very specific rules for the request to be accepted. The videos must be published with a certain frequency and continuity, for example at least one per week;

  • In the videos you publish, you must not use content that is copyrighted (not even pieces of copyrighted material);
  • You must not publish videos that are already online, so it is forbidden to copy;
  • It is forbidden to publish videos that include sexually explicit or violent content, etc..
  • Videos must be published with a certain frequency and continuity, so publishing at least one video per week is the minimum necessary;
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel and at least 4,000 hours of watch time in the last twelve months, etc.

  These are the basic rules that, as you can see, are not strict and in most cases they are simple attitudes that require common sense.

How to request official partnership with YouTube?

Becoming an official YouTube partner is not difficult if you observe the rules mentioned above, but it has to be said that the procedure to follow is quite long and tedious, which is why third party networks have been very successful. However, you can also make a request independently and to start, you need to connect to the control panel of your account. At this point, you have to check that next to the item titled “Community Rules and Copyright”, there is a green dot which means that the channel in question has a good reputation. If the dot is green you can request monetization, otherwise not. Provided the green dot is there, we move on to the next step: click on the part where it says “Active” in the area that corresponds to the “Monetization” so you can send your request to become an official partner of the portal. Now click on “I accept”, choose the ad formats that are displayed, and then click on “Monetize”.

After all these steps, if everything is in order and you are admitted to the monetization program, YouTube will automatically add promotional messages to the videos you have published, while if for some reason the advertisements cannot be inserted on the videos, it will be shown in a notification message. YouTube always checks the content and this procedure can last up to 24-48 hours. As far as earnings are concerned, these will be credited to your Adsense account and can be withdrawn when the minimum threshold is reached.

How to become a YouTube partner through a third-party network?

As mentioned, third party networks are intermediaries that deal with the monetization of your channel and think of many aspects ranging from the request for partnership to the management of money. Generally these services, as you can guess, have a cost that is between 20-40% of the earnings that derive from advertising included in the videos.

There are many national and international networks that offer this type of service and among these, some are thematic while others are generic, so you must take into account your needs before deciding which network to choose. For example, if you have a YouTube channel where you publish videos about gaming, it’s advisable to choose a network that specializes in this field, but in addition to this aspect, you must also check the reliability of the network, the terms of collaboration offered, and any other aspect.


To answer the question in the title, it is clear that the gains that can be obtained from the partnership with YouTube are unlimited and depend on the views that you get, so the more videos users watch, the more you earn.

It is therefore necessary to create quality content, publish with a certain frequency and have as many subscribers to your channel as possible. Also, you must always keep in mind that you must take care of every aspect of the channel you own if you want to achieve the desired success.

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