Guide: How to buy Views on

Follow the simple instructions below and at the end of the tutorial you will find the link to start customizing your order:


Step 1: Click on the amount of views you want to promote your video.

Step 2:  Enter the video you want to promote:

  1. Insert the link of your video
  2. Enter the title of your video

Step 3: Select the target, Choose who to show your video to, this block is not compulsory:

  1. Click on people who are interested in watching your video.
  2. Click on the area where your video will be shown.
  3. Click on the language that will be spoken by the person who will see your video.
  4. Click on the age group that will have to watch your video.
  5. Click on the sex of the people who will watch your video.

Step 4: Complete the order

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Click on the mailing list subscription for promotions
  3. Accept the terms and conditions
Nota: Tutti i campi con l’asterisco rosso * Note: All fields with a red asterisk * are required

Click on “Buy” to finish and it’s done!

Now you’re ready 🙂 Click here to start your promotion