How to activate video monetization on YouTube

Introduction to Monetization

The digital world is changing with opportunities to monetize through one of the many tools made available to users increasingly interested in optimizing their resources. The practicality and extreme reach of the internet have given millions of people the opportunity to earn a living by monetizing virtually any skill, talent or opportunity. However, as in the case of any company wanting to make money and undertake an ambitious and perhaps alternative business, it is often thought to be something easy to do on paper but difficult and complex to implement.

Nothing could be more wrong! With a marketing approach and a growing interest from the most diverse catchment areas, the videos are precisely the founding elements of a new business that, as you will discover through this guide by Veedoo, is really within everyone’s reach!

But, why should you bet on YouTube?

Let’s find out together before we proceed to a detailed guide on how to activate the monetization of videos on YouTube.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the most famous video-sharing platform in the world and the ideal place where you can start your own experience in the world of vlogs, tutorials, or music videos. You can reach users on a global scale and, thanks to the easy analytical tools integrated in the platform, you can study the best strategies and all the statistics of your channel to attract even more visitors, followers, and therefore views.

That’s why YouTube remains over the years an effective and widely used marketing tool.

Capturing attention: As we know, the human mind is very sensitive to images. This is the mechanism on which YouTube has been based since the beginning. Today, YouTube has fully replaced television and positioned itself in everyone’s mind like the new TV. A study by YouTube Study states that there are more than 1 billion people watching videos on YouTube every day. From this figure you can understand why companies are moving their marketing from traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers to online channels like YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Are you already working on your video content?

Many visitors: The number of users using YouTube is as mentioned above, really huge. Just think, the number of active viewers per day is growing steadily by 50% each year. YouTube offers an immeasurable business opportunity to reach millions of people who have the capacity to become potential consumers, fans, clients. So, whether you’re selling products, offering your music, or offering a service, all you need to focus on is creating a real video marketing strategy. If you have a new video contact us, without any commitment, to discuss together the best strategy to increase your reach.

YouTube increases your credibility: As a company and/or artist you know how important it is to fascinate your consumers. Whether you offer music or a service, it is essential to establish a bond of trust and a feeling of sharing to keep the level of attention on your channel high.

If they don’t trust you, they will never buy from you.

By building a bond with your fans or customers, you can outperform the rest of the competition and grow your follower base by uploading visual content that provides real content in both quality and intent. This is what YouTube marketing does

How can you monetize with YouTube?

Monetizing through YouTube is not difficult and, on the contrary, it is made available to everyone, even those who are taking their first steps in the digital world right now and have just opened a profile or a YouTube channel. Although it is a few cents for each display of a video, the threshold for requesting payment is quite low (70 euros), and then it is not so difficult to start to monetize with this method! Obviously, start by taking care of your channel in detail. By uploading quality material and even having a regular frequency in video publications, visualizations will increase and, with the right strategies, you will be able to reach really interesting figures with juicy revenues! But how can you activate monetization with YouTube on a practical level?

How to activate the monetization of videos on YouTube

Activating the monetization of videos on YouTube is a very simple process because, once the procedure has started, each subsequent step will be explained perfectly and made easy to understand, helping you to know all the features and characteristics of the business behind YouTube and how to make the best use of it.

  • The first fundamental step to activate monetization on YouTube is obviously to have a verified Google account. To do this, simply register a Gmail account that allows you to stay connected to YouTube and the Google Plus community. If you already have a YouTube channel or Google profile already enabled, you’ll be almost halfway through the process.
  • Go to your personal control panel on your YouTube page and search under “status and functions”, click on “active” next to “monetization”.
  • By clicking here, you will access a specific page dedicated to the activation of monetization in which you must select the option “Enable my account”.
  • You will see, after agreeing to enable your account, the terms of use and conditions. Attention! Check all the boxes to proceed.
  • After this step, various items will appear that will clarify the steps following the activation of monetization and how to generate good profits. Once this is done, it will be time to take proper care of how the payment is received.
  • For the payment, you will be asked to associate your account with Google Adsense. Enter all the data requested in the forms. If you encounter difficulties during the procedure there is always the support centre to help you resolve and proceed without stress and without problems.
  • Once this procedure is over, all you have to do is upload your first video with integrated monetization by selecting the monetization option and choosing the type of ads you are interested in.
  • Once activated, you can always earn money with all future video content; of course, during your career on YouTube, you can always modify specifications and features starting from your control panel.

As you may have noticed, the steps to activate the monetization of videos on YouTube are really very simple and practical. It takes very little to start uploading videos and earn money directly and conveniently from your digital devices in an absolutely free way!

Good monetization to all!

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