The importance of subscribers and quality interactions in the growth of your channel

The importance of having a large number of subscribers on your YouTube channel is often questioned, perhaps because the influence users can have when growing on YouTube is not yet well known.

So, let’s see why increasing your level of engagement and using YouTube Video Ads will lead you to grow on YouTube.

1) Faithful fans of your channel make the statistics interesting

Subscribers are those who will follow you the most and those who will criticize you the most. But, also those who are more likely to interact and then create audiences. The more you can convert random visitors into regular users, the more ‘the channel grows, allowing you to understand over time what topics are most’ appreciated and those that are not.

2) The subscribers are those who see your videos as soon as they are put online

The quality and quantity of interactions that a video obtains in the first hours of existence are fundamental in defining the ability that the video has to reach more users in an organic way. As soon as a video is published on the channel, it is important that it is viewed by many people so that it is well positioned organically. In this regard, it always takes into account that the subscribers are those who generally watch the video first, so here’s a second reason why increasing the level of engagement on the channel is essential in helping you grow on YouTube in a constant and stable way.

3) Who spends more time on your channel?

Remember that your subscribers became subscribers because of your video content. They are the people who spend the most time on your channel and the ones who matter most to you.

A high % of YouTube views of your entire content significantly affects the ranking between YouTube search results and so-called “related” videos.

In practice, the longer the viewing time, the more the video is displayed in the YouTube search results. Looking at various veedoo promotion statistics, we noticed that some of the promoted videos with high viewing stagnation and well optimized youtube tags, were chosen by YouTube to be included in the list of related videos.

4) Popularity and business

Subscribers are the ones who create much of the word-of-mouth marketing to increase your popularity. They share videos on social networks and other channels more than occasional users.

This, of course, also affects how much you can earn with YouTube and the revenue that is generated when you are a YouTube partner.

As you may have noticed, YouTube itself promotes subscriptions and, based on user searches, suggests that users subscribe to the channels most relevant to the keywords that visitors use.

We recommend that you continue to monitor YouTube statistics for each video in order to find out how your videos are “found” by other users and which users are the most active by age, city and region on your channel.

5) Have an idea about the work that is taking place on your channel

As mentioned above, subscribers are the most avid fans but also the most severe critics. By following the channel continuously and viewing almost everything you are publishing, they interact through comments and exchange their opinions.

By observing their behavior, you can check the rating index. In practice through comments, the number of shares, the duration of views in full, you can immediately understand if they like what you publish or not, if you are acting correctly or if you need to change something in your strategy.

The higher the number of subscribers, the more realistic the feedback will be. When interaction increases, the number of users commenting on your work increases.

In addition to always assessing the number of natural and spontaneous interactions of members, take into account that no channel grows without proper promotion.

Through one of our sponsored campaigns it is in fact possible, not only to purchase Video Adwords views, but also to have an immediate exposure, to evaluate if the video and/or your song can be liked.

Interaction is important for your channel and must be constant. It not only allows you to understand if you need to improve some aspects of your channel, but also helps you to get a good ranking on the search engine and therefore it will be easier to increase your views.

In essence, increasing your number of subscribers on YouTube is essential. By monitoring the level of engagement generated (involvement), it keeps you motivated to constantly improve the graphics of your channel, the technical quality of videos, the quality of content and the optimization of your videos.

Increasing the level of engagement is not difficult if you create quality content and if you publish constantly on your channel.

Here are the most used methods to get new subscriptions:

  • Ask friends, family and acquaintances to sign up;
  • Share content on social networks and on your blog or website;
  • Ask people you know to share on social networks or on their blogs;
  • Invite people to subscribe directly on the YouTube channel both in the channel description and each time you publish a new video;
  • Betting on email marketing;
  • Link the channel to your blog;
  • Invite people to subscribe through a specially made video;
  • Collaborate with other vloggers;

There are a lot of strategies to help you grow on YouTube, but you have to take into account that what influences people’s decision in this sense is always the quality of the content they find.

Quality, consistency, and availability are the basis of success for every YouTuber; these aspects can be noticed by visiting the channels of those who are popular even though they are not famous singers or actors. Although, even when it comes to famous people, the channels are almost always taken care of in every detail.

Keep up the great work!

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