Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: YouTube Promotion

How Do I Purchase a Campaign?

Fill out the form to create a custom campaign for your targeted viewers:

Step 1: Select the number of views you want to reach.

Step 2: Enter the video you want to promote. Include its title and a link to the video.

Step 3: Select who your target viewers for this video are. Choose your ideal audience from the options:

  • Interests: Click on the interests of your ideal audience
  • Location: Click on the geographical area where your video will be shown
  • Language: Click on the language that your audience speaks (ex: English, Italian, Spanish, etc.)
  • Age: Click on the age group of your audience
  • Gender: Click on the gender of your audience

Step 4: Complete the order by:

  • Entering your email
  • Clicking to subscribe to our promotional mailing list
  • Accepting our terms and conditions
  • Clicking on “Buy”


That’s all!

All fields marked with the red asterisk * are mandatory

When Will My Campaign Be Approved?

We will review your video to ensure it does not violate the guidelines of Google Ads. All videos are re-scheduled in 2 working days, but sometimes it can take a bit less or a bit more. 

According to the guidelines, Google says: “Most ads are reviewed within one business day. However, some revisions may take longer, so a more detailed review will be necessary”. According to our experience, this obligatory process usually takes only a few hours if the ad is created on a business day.

All orders received during the weekend and holidays will be processed on the first business day. However, do note that it can take a bit longer if you place the publication during the weekend or holidays. Once approved, your video will be published on YouTube’s promotional network and it will start to acquire views in a short amount of time.

Here’s how it works:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will check the content of the video to ensure that it complies with our rules and Google Ads. We will set up a report with the stats of your video, to track it from beginning to end.

Your promotional campaign will be created according to your requirements specified during the order process. Then, the video will go to YouTube, which takes a period of about 24-48 hours to check that the content of your video complies with YouTube’s promotional rules.

YouTube does not record traffic in real time, therefore, the views count will be updated after a few hours.

Can I Decide the Length of the Campaign?

Your campaign will have a duration based on the number of views that you want to reach.

The views will be spread across a reasonable amount of time. For example, 10,000 views may take around 6 days. Unfortunately, we cannot manage this variable at will because Google Ads does not allow you to set campaign limits in views. Therefore, we cannot extend the delivery time beyond the above mentioned estimate.

We can try to meet it according to your needs if you submit an anticipated request. However, there is no guarantee because in many cases it will not be possible to align both variables.

How Can I Verify That the Views Are Authentic?

Our service is 100% based on YouTube’s promotional network. We have arranged a mini-guide that shows you the step by step of the process. It will show you how you can control the origin of the traffic we send to your video.

You can consult the mini-guide here.

Does Your Service Offer Real YouTube Views?

Our services offers you 100% legitimate YouTube views for your videos, and we solely use promotional video AdWords campaign strategies to deliver what we promise.

We geo-target Google Ads and customize the campaign based on your preferences:

  1. Traffic source: YouTube ads
  2. Location: USA, UK (or any country/region you choose)
  3. Audience Retention: Location, average views duration (%), average views, etc.
How Will You Promote My Video on YouTube?

We promote your video through Google advertisements directly on YouTube.

Our promotional system works because it is 100% based on generating legitimate views from Google Ads. We laser-target traffic that is interested in what you offer.

Our platform offers you a real, effective, and transparent video marketing service that will always show your video to a targeted audience that has shown interest in content similar to yours.

The campaign solely generates views from YouTube or services associated to it.

I Already Use Adwords, Why Should I Work With You?

Our services free you from all the problems and stress of running a promotional campaign yourself. When you don’t have much experience, it’s easy to surpass your budget and set up your campaign incorrectly (leaving aside many important advanced settings), which can lead to poor results or rejection from the content approval team at YouTube/Google Ads.

Here at Veedoo, we allow you to customize your order easily with only a few clicks, then use those selections to design the perfect campaign for your video. You only need to specify how many views you want to achieve and we take care of the rest.

We do all the hard work so you can relax!


I Bought Fake Views in the Past; Can I Still Use Your Service?

Of course! However, we will not have any responsibility if your video gets removed or banned, or if the fake views get removed.

Our services generates authentic views because we generate them through Google Ads, which you can verify in the analytics of your channel. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility if you utilize fraudulent methods to generate views.

Who Is Your Video Marketing Service for?

Our service is perfect for any video market. Any musician, artist, vlogger, rapper, gamer, business, entrepreneur or any other who wants to promote their videos to a real and engaged audience. We only send laser-targeted views to ensure the best results every single time.

How Is Your Service Different from Buying YouTube Views?

Contrary to other services, we run legitimate campaigns through Google Ads to generate authentic views that come from an interested audience. We can do this through YouTube or Vevo, whichever you prefer. We follow all of your specifications (gender, location, language, interests, etc.) and measure the results based on the number of views.

Our video marketing services solely use the tools from Google Ads; therefore, you can rest assured that you will get 100% legit views.

We do not use any software, script, or bots to generate views.

We do not take part in any views exchange programs or any other methods to artificially inflate the views count. Instead, we send views from a targeted audience that has expressed interest in what you offer.

For more details, read more here.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

1) Veedoo guarantees a full refund in the following cases:

  • A request to block the campaign only if Google Ads has not yet approved it. You must make the request by email (the same you used when placing the order)
  • If the video was not approved by Google Ads, making it impossible to promote it.

2) Veedoo guarantees a partial reimbursement in the following cases:

  • If the advertising campaign is blocked after being approved by Google Ads, (providing part of the requested views). Veedoo will refund you the percentage of money equal to the ratio between cost / number of missing views.
  • If the user has an approved campaign in progress, and requests to block it while the service is being delivered, Veedoo will refund you the percentage of money equal to the ratio between cost / number of missing views.

Example: You paid $350 USD for 15.000 views, and you decide to block the campaign after 7500 views. Then, you would receive a 50% refund, because a 50% of the views have already been delivered.

3) Veedoo DOES NOT guarantee reimbursement in the following cases:

  • At the end of the campaign or the end of the service delivery, it will not be possible to request any refund. We will prove with Google statistics the actual delivery of the service.
  • We do not guarantee a refund in the case of a video ban, as it is not possible to prove that you have not used concurrent bots / third services / fake views, or all those illegal practices not usable on YouTube. We dissuade anyone from use of non-legitimate services to artificially increase the views count.

Application For Guarantee:

It is guaranteed and provable that the traffic generated by our service is solely and exclusively a product of advertising on YouTube and its official partners.

The traffic source is also visible in the statistics of the video itself on YouTube, directly using your credentials to access the channel. The statistics are updated 3-5 days after the start of the campaign.

Veedoo is not in possession of specific access to your content, such statistical content can not be modified or altered in any way, and therefore, we can use it to prove the delivery of the service.

Veedoo guarantees that the risk of BAN or penalization is impossible; therefore, we invite all users of our service not to interfere with the campaign in place by purchasing non-allowed services such as comments, subscriptions, fake views, etc.

For partners: you must abide by the refund policy and its eligibility criteria. While you can process refunds yourself, you are expected to be transparent in this policy to your clients.


On Veedoo it is only possible to pay through PayPal (, which allows the use of prepaid, debit, credit and e-mail cards to purchase our services.

All transactions and data entered are handled directly by Veedoo does not process payments, does not receive any data related to the payment method used, but receives the sum paid after has accepted and checked that the payment method is suitable and covered.

If after payment via you should not receive notification of the transaction, essential for the successful completion of the payment, just call the toll free number for assistance and report it.

Veedoo is not responsible in any way for any kind of issues related to during payment, any problem found on PayPal is the responsibility of the same. Veedoo is not directly responsible for managing the PayPal page used for payment.

I Have a Project to Talk You About; How Can I Contact You?

You can write to us in English at or contact us using this contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For transparency matters, we manage all the conversations only through email or on-site chat.

What Is Veedoo?

Veedoo is a platform through which you can promote your video to a highly-targeted audience using the power of Google Ads and YouTube. We take care of optimizing your campaigns to the degree of perfection, to ensure the best results.