If you are a musician you surely already know that digital music distribution is what binds you, or rather your record, to your fans.

Having well organized digital distribution is now one of the quickest ways to get your music to be heard and to promote it, compared to the past, when you had to go to the record companies to deliver your work to be known.

Today, in fact, it is much easier to emerge if you are an independent artist. Sales in this sector at the digital level have grown by almost 18% in 2016 compared to the previous year, reaching only about 50% of the total revenue from music sales in the U.S. It was mainly increased by the growth recorded in the streaming sector, which is why it has become essential to learn how to sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, and all other digital platforms.

Let’s dive deeper into music distribution…

Music Distribution: What Is It?

It’s about the way music gets to people, that is, the channels that go from the artist to the final listener. To give you an idea, think about when in the past the musician had to rely on intermediaries to bring his/her music onto the market in order to promote their career, obviously losing most of the proceeds.

At the moment, if you decide to promote your YouTube channel, you can easily create your own strategy to acquire YouTube views and sell through these online channels, no longer having to rely on intermediaries and retaining all the rights.

Digital Music Distribution: How It Works

Digital music distribution is nothing more than a way of selling music online, rather than in traditional stores. In practice, the user connecting to the web can listen to and download music directly from their device, unlike before when you had to buy CDs, vinyl and cassette tapes.

In addition to being a quick way to access the content purchased, today it is also cheaper to buy the various services because not only have most of the intermediaries been eliminated from the distribution process, but you don’t necessarily need to use even the old forms of media which are still expensive.

In conclusion, we can say that thanks to this new method of distribution; both the consumer and the artist gain.

Music Distribution: Why It Is Convenient for the Artist

There are many benefits to be gained from distributing music online. We are talking about the most used way to listen to music, to spread your music online, as well as the best strategy to make yourself known immediately by lowering the costs expected for the distribution.

You can choose from many distribution companies and rely on one that allows you to have 100% of your royalties without too tight clauses, which is very important for your business.

The Best Digital Distribution Companies

Before you get to online platforms like iTunes, Spotify or Google Play, you need a distribution company and considering that there are so many, you should choose the one that suits you carefully.

Read the conditions carefully and choose according to your needs.

Here are the ones that we at Veedoo consider among the best:


It is a distribution service that offers professional mastering and global distribution in one place, and at the beginning you only pay 1 Euro per month. You can keep 100% of the rights, so there are no costs that are hidden.

Thanks to this company, you can deliver the music you produce to about 250 stores and numerous digital platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc. The company also provides you with a control panel that allows you to monitor the progress of your success on various platforms and among your fans, so as to allow you to implement the right strategies that can allow you to increase your popularity.


This is another service that allows you to publish your singles, albums, and ringtones on many popular platforms such as YouTube Music, Google play, Amazon, etc.

CD Baby

If you want to opt for both online and physical distribution, then CD Baby can do it for you. They combine both methods in one place.


Symphonic also allows you to distribute your music online or physically, and the company collects all your publishing, licensing and marketing data.

Record Union

Great for global digital distribution, Record Union is perfect for increasing your visibility, as it is a partner of Sony Music and has various tools to help you grow your popularity.


This is the company that provides the largest channel of distribution of online music in the world; in fact, it distributes in more than 140 countries and manages to reach hundreds of companies and stores, plus it has a function that allows unlimited uploads.


Great for online distribution, iMusician provides its customers with the valuable service of registering your songs for publishing and other rights. In addition, you are also provided with a “music locker”, an encrypted virtual padlock that certifies that the music is your property.


These are just some of the companies you can choose to distribute your music in a physical and/or digital way. You only have to choose the one that best reflects your needs, so the advice is to establish precisely what your objectives are and then visit the various websites of the companies that offer the distribution service. Read what they offer well and then choose the one you like best, avoiding, if possible, to opt for companies that are not well known or that do not clearly provide details on the conditions of the service.

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