How to Read the Google Ads Report Screen

On this page, we’re showing you a classic example of the “report” that you’ll will likely receive at the end of each campaign. It’s aim is to better show how the campaign was performing for your video. Let’s see together how to interpret the 7 columns below: 🙂

Here’s a screenshot made from the new version of Google Ads:
sponsorizzare video adwords

Here’s a screenshot made from the old version of AdWords for video:
report Adwords


  • Starting from the left, the column “Ad” shows up in the thumbnail of the video being promoted.
  • Following that is the column “Status”, which shows the status of the campaign; on our example, the status is “paused” because the promotion ended.
  • The “Impr.” field summarizes the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times the video has been shown to users.
  • The “Views” field contains the number of views “delivered” through our marketing action.
  • The “View Rate” field shows the percentage of people showing interest. In the above case, 94.95% of the users had been showing interest for the promoted video.
  • The “Watch Time” column summarizes the total number of seconds that the video has been viewed.
  • The “Video Played to” column shows, in percentages, the amount of time spent watching your video for the entire length. On our example above, 86.11% of the users have viewed the video for 75% of the entire length of the video promoted.